Enersystems among founders of “Italia Solare” association


Promote the spread of solar-derived energy and fend off attacks (regulatory and media) that want to put the photovoltaic industry in a “bad light.” With these goals, “Italia Solare,” the first association uniting industry operators and plant owners precisely to defend their respective interests, was born. The initiative, announced at Solarexpo 2015, has among its founding partners Enersystems, a Sicilian company based in Caccamo, in the province of Palermo. Among the first to join the initiative are Conergy, Energy Bit, Enerpoint, Greenercom, Ghibli, Luxferov, Power One Italy (ABB Group), PM Service, Proxima, Righi Energy, Sistemi Fotovoltaici, Solarelit, and VT Energy. And the project has also been espoused by noted climatologist and meteorologist Luca Mercalli.

“Italia Solare,” the promoters explain, “is a new association project that was born out of the need to promote a modern distributed energy production system based on the photovoltaic source, which more than any other in recent years has proven to achieve significant goals, allowing to reduce both polluting and climate-changing emissions and fossil fuel imports from abroad. Despite this – or perhaps because of it – photovoltaics has been opposed in every way.”