Enersystems brings the energy of Sicilian art to Expo


For us, art is energy that fuels progress

ENERSYSTEMS brings to EXPO 2015 “The Miracle of St. Isidore Agricola” (1641) by Mattia Stomer, housed in the Mother Church of Caccamo, in the province of Palermo, one of the most artistically important centers in Sicily.

Stomer, a spectacular interpreter of Caravaggio’s painting, never signed his paintings. An exception was the large canvas of St. Isidore, proof of the value the painter himself attributed to his work, recognizing in it the fullest and most complete expression of his artistic torment. Only two canvases left him so satisfied that he was convinced to put his signature and date of execution on them; the other canvas is in the museum in Antwerp, Belgium. A work of great historical and cultural value that-in perfect harmony with the major themes of EXPO 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life-highlights the relationship between man, nature and sustenance.

Considered by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi “a fundamental work of art in Italian artistic history,” it will represent Sicily from Sept. 1 within the exhibition he curated, “Italy’s Treasure,” hosted in Eataly’s prestigious pavilion.

As a Sicilian company engaged in residential solar photovoltaics, we are proud to contribute to making visible in Italy and around the world a fragment of our island’s immense artistic heritage: in fact, we believe that art, like renewable energy, represents an infinite and sustainable source of clean energy, fueling culture and ideas, thus generating future and progress.

Initiative realized by kind permission of Father Giuseppe Calderone, Archpriest of Caccamo and with the favorable advice of His Eminence Cardinal Paolo Romeo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo and Primate of Sicily.