Milan, Nino Scimeca named president of Italia Solare Sicilia – November 28, 2016


MILAN. Nino Scimeca, an entrepreneur from Caccamo, in the province of Palermo, Italy, has been appointed president of Italia Solare-Sicily, an association that brings together both large and small photovoltaic solar energy producers, installers, professionals and simple supporters of photovoltaic technology. The decision was made by Paolo Rocco Viscontini, national president of Italia Solare.

“Thanks to the lowering of prices in recent years,” says Scimeca, “photovoltaic systems are affordable even without incentives and can be installed without any problems on a good portion of the 10.5 million (out of a total of 11 million) home roofs still without photovoltaic panels. For Scimeca, “the solar energy field above us is ‘ours,’ in the sense that it belongs to all Italians, we just need to want to exploit it. Even more, we must try to win this challenge in Sicily because our island, as Tomasi di Lampedusa said, ‘enjoys the most powerful sun in Europe.'”

“The Association,” explains National President Viscontini, “aims to represent the many operators in the sector, producers and simple supporters, convinced that the interest of the country Italy passes through a decisive focus on Photovoltaics. We are certain that Nino Scimeca will be able to make an important contribution to an intense and rapid spread throughout the territory, starting from his Sicily.”