Photovoltaic systems and solar panels: prices are at an all-time low


Component prices are at their lowest this is due to many factors such as increased production capacity of some suppliers, gradual lowering by technological maturation of energy storage systems.

No further declines are expected in the short term. Buying a system today means concrete savings of about 40 percent compared with prices 12 months ago and means, right away, cutting the rising costs of energy purchased from the grid.

Today, photovoltaic systems, thanks to technological development, have reached high levels of efficiency and with falling purchase costs, are really able to pay for themselves in a shorter time than in the past, then generating a real gain from savings in utility bills.

But not only that. Today, the choice to produce and use clean energy such as solar energy becomes even more important because of all the benefits that the indoor environment will enjoy.

We are all faced with the need to make conscious choices for the future of our planet, for the well-being of the next generation, our children, our grandchildren.

The contribution we can all make to lowering polluting sources for energy production and reducing energy dependence on foreign countries could prove decisive.