BATTERIES for photovoltaic systems

In a photovoltaic system, the batteries are the storage tanks where the energy produced in excess by the system and used by the user is stored for their needs at times of greater consumption, or at times of low production of the system (for example at night).

Its use increases energy independence with respect to the distribution network.

The choice to insert this element or not is made on a case-by-case basis, based on an accurate analysis of the energy needs.

Their installation can take place at times following that of the installation of the system, just as it is possible to replace them over time, either due to the changing needs of the user, or the desire to adopt more modern and high-performance models.

Our storage systems all use lithium technology characterised by high energy density, long life and low maintenance. They are lightweight and compact units, ideal for all applications where space is limited. They are equipped with a higher charging and discharging efficiency than other technologies.

Photovoltaic Systems