Solar Sharing.

Free photovoltaic system by paying only for the energy consumed

The future of photovoltaic systems for businesses is called SOLAR SHARING the clear, simple and transparent formula that allows energy-intensive businesses today to use solar energy without spending anything but the consumption value of the energy

SOLAR SHARING is the pay-per-use formula of the future already available today

  • Our technicians conduct an inspection of your business, assessing your present and future energy needs and the feasibility of installation
  • A system tailored to your needs is designed
  • Supply of the system, installation and maintenance, everything is provided at no cost to the company

The company’s commitment will only be to purchase the energy produced by the plant for its own needs (thus only that which is really needed) at an agreed price, fixed for the duration of the contract and extremely more advantageous than the costs of energy purchased from the grid

Each year the beneficiary of the plant receives a rental fee for renting the roof area occupied by the plant

At the end of the contract, normally lasting between 10 and 15 years depending on its size, the plant becomes the property of the company without any redemption cost. All really at no cost.

A formula with no surprises, no hidden costs, that does not commit any corporate credit line and is not subject to any bank evaluation criteria.